Addressing the digital divide for digital prospectuses

“For Gen Z, technology is another limb. Truly digitally native, more so than Millennials, this cohort carry smartphones as an extension of their hands, and are tech-fluent in a very unique way”.

Source: UCAS Lifestyle Report

93% of all households in the UK have access to the internet. For the remaining 7%, the UK has government initiatives that provides free public wifi for all – which is great, because internet access has essentially been dubbed a basic human right. Looking specifically at prospective students, a whopping 98% owned a smartphone (2021 cohort).

So from a place where we have free access to all, with very high device penetration, you might think that the UK might be the exception to the rule. But you’d be wrong. In fact, the country in last place (Congo) still has free public wifi for all, has the same household usage. The internet is more readily available globally than you might think.

But what about the last 2% of users that can’t access the internet?  In average numbers, this is about 70 prospective students per institution. As with any disadvantaged or disabled students, there should be alternatives. It’s likely that you’ve already considered this. Your website and application systems are exclusively online already. If not, offer a limited, or on-demand print run.

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