A 16:9 format image depicting the Earth in space, with the bottom half of the Earth visible at the bottom of the frame. The sun is rising above the Earth, casting a subtle and less intense glow. The background is the dark expanse of space, adorned with distant stars. The composition should focus on the gentle illumination of the Earth by the sunrise, capturing the contrast between the Earth's shadowed and sunlit portions in a serene and majestic manner.

A Prospectus Shouldn’t Have to Cost the Earth

If you're still relying on paper prospectuses and one-size-fits-all engagement to foster meaningful relationships with prospective students, you're missing out—on applications, student engagement, and your duty to the planet.

The Battle for Attention: Digital Prospectuses vs. Household Brands

Imagine you've just been handed a copy of George Orwell's classic novel 'Animal Farm'. You anticipate the enthralling allegorical tale, but instead, you flip open the cover to be confronted with hundreds of pages detailing university course options. Hardly the same appeal, right? And yet, this is the experience of navigating the traditional university prospectus.


People have been finding excuses not to do a digital prospectus for years. If you're looking for an excuse not to put any real effort into a digital prospectus, then we've got your back. We’ve collected the most common excuses for avoiding a switch to a digital-first prospectus right here.