A Prospectus Shouldn’t Have to Cost the Earth

If you're still relying on paper prospectuses and one-size-fits-all engagement to foster meaningful relationships with prospective students, you're missing out—on applications, student engagement, and your duty to the planet.
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Students are voting with their feet

74% believe companies have a duty to tackle the climate crisis, says FE News.

They’re making changes. And they expect you to as well.

Stop pressing ‘Print’

Our collaboration with the CAO saved over 11 million pages—that’s a paper stack as high as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. And you can’t argue with heights like that.

But there are more than just sustainability reasons to go digital-first.

A busy university open day scene, filled with diverse students and clutter. The setting is a university hall, bustling with students of various descents and genders, all appearing eager and inquisitive. They are surrounded by stacks of paper forms, disorganized piles of brochures, and scattered promotional materials, creating a sense of chaos. The students are engaged in conversations, but there's a visible lack of digital engagement or organization. This cluttered scene highlights the need for a more efficient, digital approach to managing university open days, symbolizing missed opportunities in data management and student engagement.

Picture a typical open day. Rooms full of eager students, but packed with clutter: Paper forms, disorganised data, and missed opportunities.

Now reimagine this scene with Prospectus Plus.

Advisors can tailor-make a prospectus on the spot, capturing not just the prospect’s name and email but their hopes, dreams, and academic inclinations. They’ll leave with a personalised digital roadmap to their future, sent directly to their inbox – not a generic paper leaflet. And you have the data to follow up in meaningful ways.

Universities switching to digital prospectuses have seen a 10% uptick in applications. Add in personalised options and engagement skyrockets: 80% of students using Prospectus Plus go for the personalised route. Salesforce was onto something when they said 83% of consumers crave customised experiences.

Think digital solutions are costly? Think again. Prospectus Plus is cheaper than a printing mistake. There’s no excuses left to hide behind, when it comes to ditching archaic strategies based on handing out inaccurate catalogs made from dead trees.

With Prospectus Plus you can better meet the needs of the next generation of learners, and our planet.

Elliott Barnicle
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