Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prospectus Plus a replacement for a printed prospectus?

Yes, and no. Prospectus Plus is designed to offer your prospects a route into highly relevant and personalised content based on their choices. This could be used alone, but could also be used to supplement a printed prospectus. Some institutions have considered a hybrid model where they reduce the number of prospectuses they print.

We love print. We started out as a print agency. And we’re definitely not rallying for death to print. But we see so many problems with traditional prospectuses, and we think there’s a better way.

Is the prospectus available offline?

Yes. Once you’ve created a personalised prospectus, you can save this to your device to view it offline.

What would I give out at a recruitment fair if I don’t have a book?!

The traditional printed prospectus has a tactile value that is impossible to recreate online. We also know that part of the joy of visiting a uni fair is collecting swag. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put our heads together and come up with a few ideas of cool swag that prospects could take away with them, keeping you at the forefront of their thoughts. 

The thing to note here, is that all of these ideas are tied by one thing – A URL for your prospectus. So, as long as there’s a way to include that URL, the options are almost limitless. You could even stamp it onto the back of their hand in the old nightclub style! 

The possibilities are endless: Business cards, stickers, wristbands, notebooks, keyrings, water bottles. You could even take these a step further and print them live on the stand with a personalised URL.

Our printed prospectus is out of date as soon as it’s printed. Will the same be true with Prospectus Plus?

With our prospectus system being a fully digital solution, it means you’re able to easily update the information stored. This means that when course information gets updated, you can quickly and easily update that content to ensure that you are CMA compliant across all of your platforms.

Why wouldn’t we just use our website?

Great question! Traditional prospectuses offer an alternative way to access content and moving your prospectus online means it definitely sits more closely to your main website. Your website is a great place to store this kind of content, but if our experience tells us anything, we know that university websites are bloated, often with thousands of pages to navigate through.

The benefit of Prospectus Plus is that it offers users a different experience. The opportunity to refine the content and make it relevant to them. And then to share their very own version of the prospectus with their friends and loved ones. Not many university websites can rival this.

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Prospectus Plus offers a digital-first alternative to our printed Handbook, with high levels of engagement and the ability to easily track and measure usage.

The user experience is excellent, with a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and find relevant information. The digital format also allows for interactive elements and multimedia content, which really helps to keep users engaged and interested in the material.

Overall, I found Prospectus Plus to be a modern, environmentally-friendly way to share important information with our audience.

Eileen Keleghan
Head of Communications
Central Applications Office