Simple, Fair, Annual Pricing

15,000+ Students £15,000
4,000 – 14,999 Students £10,000
Up to 3,999 Students £7,500
10,000+ Students £5,000
0 – 9,999 Students £3,500
Fee-charging £3,500
State £750

Prices exclude VAT

Our prices aren’t a joke.

Why is it so cheap? Well, we’re trying to capture the market. We think at this price point, it’s a no brainer.

Want to run it alongside your printed prospectus to see how it performs? Print a few less copies.

Heck, it’s cheaper than a printing mistake!

For colleges, we offer the exact same tooling for converting prospects with ease, at a reduced price point to reflect your budgets and audience numbers.


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content import

Import content from CSV, XML or JSon to get up and running quickly

one Included per year

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Magical Course Sync

Sync content from your course database into Prospectus Plus


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CRM Integration

Send Prospectus Plus user data to your CRM

Coming soon

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Shiny Cards

Make your content stand out with unique layouts, designed bespoke to you

Coming soon

All prices exclude VAT

Bulk Discounts

Whether you’re a multi-academy trust, a college group, or you just want different looks for your different provisions – we have discounts to help.







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