Prospectus Plus helps WVR College see unprecedented applications success

The Challenge

Offload the burden associated with printing a 150+ page college prospectus annually, and deliver an engaging experience for prospects ensuring content is updated in real-time.

The Outcome

Prospectus Plus has helped WVR to reinvigorate their early-cycle marketing efforts. The digital-first approach to their prospectus ensures content is always up-to-date. Engagement and application rates are at unprecedented levels.

Unsustainable. Out of date. Misaligned.

WVR’s traditional prospectus was holding them back.

A staple part of their outreach efforts, the printed prospectus was unsustainable and increasingly misaligned with contemporary user expectations. Not to mention the challenge of ensuring the inner content remained up-to-speed with an ever-updating course catalogue.

For years, Warrington & Vale Royal College relied on a comprehensive 150+ page printed prospectus to communicate its course offerings and campus life to prospective students. However, this approach was fraught with issues, not least of which was its environmental impact. Additionally, the static nature of printed materials meant that the college struggled to update content in real-time, leading to outdated information and a lack of personalisation for prospective students. The need for a dynamic, sustainable, and engaging alternative was clear.

A photograph of woman, with long blonde hair, dressed in a corporate blazer

“The ability for Prospectus+ to link up with Tribal EBS and course factsheets is a huge advantage, particularly for HE institutions offering hundreds of courses, and FE colleges where adult course offer can change frequently”

Megan Stanley
Marketing & School Engagement Executive
at Warrington & Vale Royal College

“A feature set tailored to address our issues”

The college’s decision to adopt Prospectus Plus was driven by several compelling features of the platform:

  • Integration with Existing Systems: Prospectus Plus’s ability to seamlessly integrate with the college’s Student Information System (Tribal EBS) was a game-changer. This feature was particularly appealing for the college, which required flexibility to update their adult and higher education course offerings frequently.
  • Media-Rich Engagement: The digital prospectus platform enabled the incorporation of diverse media, including videos and interactive elements, enhancing user engagement and providing a richer, more immersive experience than traditional print could offer.
  • Personalised Experiences: Prospectus Plus allowed for the personalisation of content, ensuring that prospective students received information tailored to their interests and aspirations, a stark contrast to the one-size-fits-all approach of printed prospectuses.

“For the first year, the college has started to implement waiting lists for courses before GCSE Results Day”

Adopting a digital-first approach to its prospectus has yielded significant benefits for Warrington & Vale Royal College:

  • Increased Applications: In the 2023-24 academic year, the college witnessed a remarkable 21% increase in applications for 16-18-year-old students compared to the previous year. This surge in demand led to the unprecedented step of implementing course waiting lists before GCSE Results Day, along with plans to introduce application closing dates—a first for the institution.
  • Environmental Savings: The transition to digital saved the equivalent of over 124 trees, underscoring the college’s commitment to sustainability. This move not only aligned with environmental goals but also demonstrated to students and staff the practical benefits of digital transformation.
  • Enhanced Analytics: With Prospectus Plus, the college could track user engagement and gather insights on prospectus usage. This data has been instrumental in refining marketing strategies and ensuring content remains relevant and effective.
A 3d mock-up of a floating iPhone, with the WVR digital prospectus loaded on its screen.

“Enjoyed, not endured”

Feedback from students, parents, and educational partners has been overwhelmingly positive. The transition from a hefty printed prospectus to a sleek, digital version was met with appreciation for its ease of use, accessibility, and the ability to personalise content. The college’s forward-thinking approach has been lauded for its alignment with modern expectations for instant, relevant, and engaging information.

“Despite our nervousness about the jump from a 150+ print prospectus to completely digital with only a 6 page ‘mini prospectus’, the transition was welcomed by prospective students, parents and school staff somewhat seamlessly. It feels that our prospectus is now enjoyed instead of endured by all demographics.”

Looking forward

As Warrington & Vale Royal College continues to refine and expand its digital prospectus offerings, the insights and successes from this initial transition form a solid foundation for future innovations. The college remains committed to leveraging technology to enhance educational marketing, improve sustainability, and most importantly, provide a better service to its prospective students.


Warrington & Vale Royal College’s partnership with Prospectus Plus exemplifies the transformative potential of digital tools in the education sector. By embracing a digital-first strategy, the college has not only improved its marketing efficacy and environmental footprint but has also set a precedent for how educational institutions can adapt to the changing landscapes of information dissemination and student engagement.