An abstract representation of interconnected minds, symbolising collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective intelligence. It has a clean and minimalistic style with a colour palette that conveys trust, intelligence, and innovation. The design should be versatile, suitable for digital and print mediums, and easily recognisable. It is based on subtle brain-like patterns to suggest the concept of a braintrust without being too literal.

Brain Trust

By Prospectus Plus

We’re putting together a “Brain Trust” – a group of likeminded individuals that are interested in shaping the future of the prospectus.

Prospectus Plus Brain Trusts are an informal one hour session that we’ll host when we’ve got something meaningful to share which we think will be about once a quarter.

Why join?

  1. We’ll share market/audience insights that we’ve collected in the world of education marketing,
  2. Show you an exclusive first-look at features we’re working on – we’d love your feedback!
  3. Help shape the future of prospectuses – something we can’t do on our own!

Brain Trusts will take place on Zoom and you’ll make connections with people from different universities.

It’s completely free.

PS. We forgot to mention, Prospectus Plus customers get exclusive access to slides and recordings.
PPS. There’s just one catch: If you miss three in a row, you’re out.

Join the Brain Trust

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